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Why review your protection?

If you already have protection

  1. You could be paying more than you should!

    It’s likely that your circumstances have changed since you took out your protection. If your income has reduced or you are no longer needing to ensure your cover can pay off a mortgage because you received a financial gift, do you still need the same amount of cover?

  2. You could not be covered for everything you need to be

    On the other side of the coin, with changing circumstances, your cover could no longer be sufficient to protect what you need it to. Have you had a child or more children since you took out protection? Have you moved to a bigger property with a bigger mortgage?

  3. You could be saving money by paying tax efficiently

    Did you know that life insurance, as an example, can be paid for through your company as an expense, saving you tax, corporation tax and NI contributions? It’s not included as a benefit in kind either. There are also other protections policies that you can expense through your company...

  4. You could save money by paying for it annually

    Every penny counts and, by paying for your protection annually instead of monthly, you could save money, as most insurers charge interest on monthly payments.

If you don't have protection

  1. If you were to become critically ill or, sadly, die, would your loved ones be able to pay for the remainder of the mortgage? What about other debts? Funeral costs? Maintaining their lifestyle?

    This is exactly why we take out protection. To protect ourselves, care for our loved ones, look after our health, safeguard our business and protect our future.

  2. It's not as expensive as you imagine

    For less than a day’s work a month you are likely to be able to cover the cost of any protection policy. It’s worth exploring as, often, our idea of the cost of protection products are greatly out of touch with reality!

  3. Most insurers have claim payout rates of over 90% - it’s not as risky as you think!

    Protection policies have a bad reputation and, to some degree, rightly so. There was a time when it was difficult to make a claim and insurers failed to pay out. There’s no need for you to be anxious about this now though. Just research the claim payouts made by any insurer for any product and you’ll likely see numbers over 90%.

  4. You can enjoy tax efficient protection

    Not only can you enjoy the benefits that protection products will bring to you, your family, your health, business and future but you can do so tax efficiently. Most protection products can be expensed through your business, saving you both tax and corporation tax.

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What can I expect from a call to review the protection I have in place?

That we'll listen to you

Before we do anything, we listen to you. We understand how you work, what you currently have in place and what you need. It’s the only way to ensure that we give you the best advice.

That we'll advise

We’re not a call centre. We’re a small team of trained advisers, giving expert advice on protection products. If the best advice is not to change your protection or to buy any - that’s what we’ll tell you.

That we understand

We know you’re busy. We know that you want to make sure you, your family, your business and your future are protected but we also know that you don’t have the time to spend researching the best protection products to suit your circumstances. That’s why we’re here.

That you won’t pay a thing

Good advice should come as standard, which is why there’s no cost to you as well as no obligation to act on any of the advice you receive.

Start the New Year Right

Review your protection